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That's All, Folks! Or So I Thought...

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Yes, double bounce!!!!
So happy for you, for your lovely dream and for the dream into some form of reality.
Praying for the project and for you, and praising God.

Thank you!
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Hi everyone! I just popped in to see how everyone is, and thought I'd let you know that I decided to stay at the community and am officially a novice. Unfortunately that means paperwork, so I'm out of

By your prayers, I have a paperwork interview on Christmas Eve, and 1-2 weeks after that, I should be free to go home to the monastery.

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys on VS for being such a great ongoing part of my life. I'm logging out at the end of this weekend, and going back to the monastery during the coming week, and hope

Hi Marigold. This is so precious, all the experience you share with us. I've never heard anybody describing my own feelings after having left the community so closely.

For me it's at the time the question: actively looking for a monastery? or waiting for God's signs? I've always felt an inner urge towards searching and so I thought, as long as God gives me the impulse I will follow it.
But at the moment I can't see to the ground. Somehow I wish nothing else but lazing around. Deciding is so arduous. Even if I decide to wait or to do "nothing" i. e. wait for God's initiative, I have to decide that... and time is running. My traineeship has 8 months left and then I have to find a decision for the time to follow.

Perhaps you might find a few words to the "how to find the right monastery"-question...

Senensis, I've been thinking about this and I think the answer is 'do both'. Somehow we have to be actively looking and actively waiting. The latter can feel passive or like a cop-out but it's not if we are praying a lot and keeping our eyes open. For me, it was literally before my eyes: someone showed me a fundraising postcard and told me about the foundation. From your posts in the Let's Get It Right thread, it looks like you've got some good ideas :)
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    Though I am a past religious, I still read and at times reply here, because I think that where folks have been, what trials they have endured and all of the messy and wonderful life experiences we all have been through help others who may be going through some of the same things. Or the pitfalls of some may be avoided by the sharing of experiences. Our journeys are valuable to us personally, even though we can not possibly see it at the time. May God's loving presence surround you through this next phase of your path.

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It makes me laugh sometimes, because I never in a million years would have signed up to this on my own volition.


I definitely know the feeling. I think sometimes the Lord gives us a couple of "baby steps" but then just gives us a big shove into something we never thought we could or would do.

Prayers for this project.



I will also be praying for your dad. Let me know if you want/need to talk.

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